The Basics

7th of July 2007

The Big Day!

Caesar's Palace

It's Vegas Baby!

2007-7-7 13:30:00 GMT-08:00

after the big day!


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Fun Stuff

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Air and Hotels

While planning your trip, here are some great places to find deals on airfare and hotels. The ceremony and reception are both at Caesars Palace, but we highly recommend you stay where you would like, and obviously can get the best deal. Its extremely easy to get around to the various hotels, either by walking, taking a cab or driving, or even taking the new monorail. Traffic on the strip can get pretty congested, so driving isn't always the best route.

Also keep in mind, that you can oftentimes find the best deal by purchasing the flight and hotel stay together, in a package on the various websites.

We do have a wedding guest discount at caesar's palace. The code is QCWED7. The discount isn't really that much honestly, if you look around you might be able to find a better deal.

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Priceline is where we got a great deal when we decided to drive up to vegas spur of the moment.

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Travelocity is a favorite of Chrissi's and is where we have oftentimes found the best deals on flights. I recommend choosing "flexible dates" and go through the options till you find one that has the dates that you are looking for.

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Orbitz has helped Kevin in the past, finding some great deals.

This link loads a pop-up window has probably the best info on the various hotels and room types.

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Expedia is another travel booking site. It was, for example, the only one we could find that had the new Wynn casino on it.

This link loads a pop-up window isn't just for air and hotels, but has all kinds of info on cool and fun stuff you can do once you get there. Take a tour of the hoover dam, or the grand canyon, or a river rafting trip. Book tickets to that show you've always wanted to see.